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Anti-Money Laundering

2021 Predictions

Vaccine Roll-Out End of lock-down by May: in the UK  – 2m jabs weekly, meaning large immunisation by April, with some slippage so potentially by May we should be out of the lock-down.  We will not be “back to normal”…


What is a data company?

This is an interesting piece from Auren Hoffman of Safegraph, “Data-As-A-Service Bible: Everything You Wanted To Know About Running DaaS Companies”.  There is a fundamental distinction between DAAS and SAAS companies, as the nomenclature implies. Hoffman cames from LiveRamp, formerly Acxiom…


COVID for the next 18 months

Markets  As of 12th April 2020, the FTSE is at 5842, and the S&P is at 2789. This represents draw-downs of 33% for both indices, with the FTSE down 20% and the S&P down 18%. Demand will be suppressed across…


Paired Metrics

One important concept is pairing indicators. Which is, if you measure one thing and only one thing, the company tends not to optimize to that. And often at the expense of something that is important. Cost is example of payments…